Build to make a difference.

INOVATTIO COMPUTERS is a computer factory started in 2002 in the USA and begin in 2008 in Brazil. During this time INOVATTIO developed a technology that is considering the computer elements in a vertical position, with this we could reach more compatibity among the components, and also being more efficient in size and reliability.

This technology, had a new and surprising result.
Always concerned with power consumption, the INOVATTIO established that this was the crucial point in the development of the computer, without lose performance. With this idea, we build an unprecedented computer, a really unique machine on the market. Today it is imperative that companies seek for energy saving, and INOVATTIO have a solution for this.

To INOVATTIO COMPUTERS, the customer is the most important factor for this reason our custumer service is always above expectations.
Analizing the needs in each case abd working with the company’s IT department, we can extract the maximum efficiency of INOVATTIO computers.

After-sales service, technical support, are crucial points that you should consider when choosing your new IT partner.

IT Professionals

We have a philosophy-Give an unrestricted support to IT professionals from companies , where they are a fundamental key to the preventive maintenance of INOVATTIO computers.


Our warranty exceeds what industry offers today, we give a 3 year warranty.
Exchanging the deffective part.
If an INOVATTIO computer fail from a factory defective component, we immediately exchanged for a new part or new computer, with equal or superior technology.
You can have piece in mind, this is INOVATTIO commitment to your company.