What is Sustainability ?

Sustainability can be defined as the ability of human beings interact with the world preserving the environment and not compromising the natural resources for the future generations.

Sustainable management is a way to manage a business, community or country , through processes that will recover all forms of human, natural and financial resources.

Sustainability as part of a strategy.

The concept of sustainability is related to the social responsibility of organizations .

Usually companies have an economic strategy and social responsibility strategy , and what they should have is only one strategy;

Sustainable awareness by organizations , can mean a competitive advantage because to save money, you need to invest.

The idea of sustainability as a strategy to acquire competitive advantage by companies , is reflected in a manner expressly stated , in the preparation of companies classified as Sustainability report.

How INOVATTIO can help your business?

INOVATTIO developed a computer that consumes very little power.

By purchasing INOVATTIO computers your company can reduce by up to 50% power consumption generated by the use of machines.

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The word SUSTAINABILITY is very beautiful, what we need is to put it into practice.